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Mobile chargers

Mobile chargers

How to choose the most suitable charger for your device

If the USB charger of your mobile or tablet is broken or lost, you can always buy the same original charger again.
Although, even keeping the original chargers of your devices, you can also consider the option of searching the market for a new charger that allows you to charge your mobile phone and any other device at the same time in a faster and more efficient way.

Why should you buy a mobile charger?

As we say, if you are satisfied with your current mobile charger it may not be necessary to buy a new USB charger.

But if you'd like to charge multiple devices from a single outlet, or possibly reduce the time it takes for your devices to charge, buying a new charger can be a good, inexpensive investment.

What is a fast charger?

Before commenting on the characteristics of a mobile charger, we would like to explain a little about the concept of "fast charger".

Many users say they want a charger that charges their mobile faster. This is because they do not use the most suitable charger to charge according to which devices:

The charging time in our device will depend on the charger used and the current that it is capable of supplying. That is, if your mobile supports a charge of up to 2A and a 1A charger is used, it will take longer to charge than if we use a charger capable of meeting that current demand.

Most current chargers have an output of 2A or 2.4A, therefore, we always recommend having a minimum 2A charger. It may be the case that your device charges at a lower current such as 0.5A or 1A but don't worry you can use the charger without problems, it will not damage your device.

Features to consider in a mobile charger

When deciding on a new charger you must take into account the following points, each of them will have greater or lesser importance depending on the interest in using the charger:

Number of ports

There are chargers with a single USB port up to 6 ports. Consider:

How many devices do you have to charge and / or how many people are you going to use that charger?

In general, users prefer chargers with 2-3 ports for personal use, but if you are going to use it in a common area for several people, it would be advisable to choose the one that has a greater number of ports.

Charger power (W)

Many manufacturers indicate the maximum power that the charger is capable of delivering when charging multiple devices simultaneously.

If your intention is to use the charger frequently to charge several devices at the same time, it is advisable to choose a high-power charger.

In this way, each port of the charger can provide the necessary current demand for each connected device and thus recharge as soon as possible.

Smart Charging Chargers

Another interesting feature is knowing if the charger has smart charging.

Its operation is as follows: When we recharge several devices simultaneously, the charger detects each connected device and supplies the maximum current that the device supports and is capable of providing said port. Therefore, choosing a charger with a smart charge will always be the most advisable option. 

Chargers with fast charge and USB C

If the mobile phones have Qualcomm fast charging and / or the USB C port implemented, will it be necessary for there to be chargers with these characteristics on the market, right?

Well, that's right, many manufacturers have introduced one or more ports with Quick Charge and USB type C into their chargers. Some have even opted directly for chargers with these new charging technologies.

In the case of fast charging, this port is marked in a color (green, orange, blue…) different from the other regular ports.

Mobile car chargers đźš—

The most modern cars already usually incorporate one or more USB points to recharge the mobile but, if you do not have a new car, do not worry, this functionality can be easily supplied with a mobile car charger.

This type of charger will become a must-have accessory for your car while on the way to work or during a long road trip.

Its installation is simple, you only have to plug the charger into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle that has an input voltage of 12V (car) or 24V (truck).

The charger will provide an output at 5V or 9V and 12V (if it has fast charging) in the USB ports to be able to charge a mobile, a tablet, a camera ... that is, any device that incorporates a USB charging port.

Features of a USB car charger

The features of a USB car charger are the same as those we explained for a USB wall charger, that is, we will have to take into account: the number of ports, the power (W) capable of supplying, if it has fast charging, type C port ...

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