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Tips to extend the battery life of your smartphone

Tips to extend the battery life of your smartphone

The Repair House  offers some tips to save your smartphone's battery life that you need to know.

Tips to save battery that you may not know but will help you to keep your mobile charged for longer and above all to help extend the life of the battery.

Think about the way you use notifications

The best thing about having your mobile phone always close by is that it allows you to be connected to anything, anyone, anywhere.

There is an app for almost everything. However, the more apps you have on your phone, the more trouble you could have in draining your battery.

We agree that notifications are absolutely necessary for text messages, calls, emails and / or constant updates, but do you really need Angry Birds notifications every 10 minutes?

It all depends on what you really need from your device. Do you need to constantly receive work emails from the moment they arrive in your inbox? Or can you wait an hour? Believe it or not, spending some time thinking about this can do some wonders to help your drums. Your phone uses a lot of battery every time it needs to update the data it ends up receiving. So The Repair House advises you that if you limit the frequency in which your mobile extracts this data, over time you will see a noticeable decrease in battery use and consequently its wear and tear.

Mute unknown calls

Do you keep getting those "push calls" about student or business loans from companies that constantly offer their services? Think that these calls could be costing more than just money. Constant calls to phones end up wasting large amounts of battery

When a call comes in, your screen lights up, the speakers turn on, and vibrations occur. All of this adds to the battery that is being used. One thing is the calls you want to receive and another is the calls that do not interest you. Fortunately, operators and private companies have found solutions to combat this. Even in iOS 13, they have a button literally called Silence Unknown Callers that The Repair House encourages you to use.

Drain the battery as much as possible

Sometimes technology can be considered too smart for its own good. Smart phone batteries are no exception to the rule, they are also smart. For example, if you charge your phone to 89% constantly, your phone will think that 89% of its battery is the total battery capacity.

The battery notices usage patterns when you charge it above a higher threshold, and for whatever reason it takes action. But what should we do? The Repair House advises that you wait until you really need to charge your mobile to approximately 20%.

Don't close all your apps all the time

In past years we have always applied the old battery saving trick of closing our applications so that they do not work in the background, this trick in moderation can be useful. However, The Repair House advises that running an application followed by going to the home screen and closing the application you just used does not save battery life. It actually uses more battery than you think. Therefore, The Repair House advises waiting until you accumulate a backlog of applications that you could use in a certain period of time before closing them.

At The Repair House we love being able to help our mobile device repair clients to obtain information and be able to share it among all the users of our website, so if you have additional advice, to save battery, do not hesitate to let us know and we will share it at the entire 4Phones community.

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