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iCopy 2.1 by QianLi, the tool that changed the way we repair

iCopy 2.1 by QianLi, the tool that changed the way we repair

For starters, the iCopy is a multifunctional device that basically, among other things, transfers data from original iPhone parts to replacement parts like the display and the battery. It also tests lightning cables. In other words, when a repair is made, for example the display, normally without the iCopy certain important functions are not transmitted to the new screen, so the mobile is repaired but with some differences and / or limitations. To avoid that, you can use the iCopy 2.1 by Qianli. Here you can check three of the most important functions of this multifunctional device:  

Display / Screen replacement:

In cases of screen replacement, you simply have to place the module for screens on the iCopy, copy the information from the previous screen and write it on the new screen.Why is it useful

FIRST UTILITY : When we install original and refurbished screens for iPhone series 7 and 8, the original screens in these iPhone models are originally manufactured by Toshiba, Sharp and LG. Each manufacturer has a code: TOSHIBA - C11 / F7C, SHARP - DKH / COV and LG - DTP / C3F. If you do not place an original screen of the same brand, the new screen will most likely fail, because even if the replacement is ok, there will be compatibility problems. Thanks to iCopy, you can see which manufacturer the screen belongs to, so you can install an original screen that works correctly.

SECOND UTILITY: In the replacement of compatible screens for iPhone series 8 to 11, thanks to the iCopy you can recover the True Tone.

Battery replacement:

For battery replacements, you simple have to place the battery module, copy the information from the old battery and change it to the new one. With this device we can also check the serial number of the original battery, so that we install a new battery with the same serial number.We can also set the charge cycles to 0 of an old or used battery and reset the battery life to 100%.Finally, it allows us to know if the batteries that our suppliers are selling us are original or not, and we can also show our customers that the batteries that we put in are original.

Lightning cables:

You can check if a lightning cable is original or certified by plugging in the cable in the iCopy. This allows to check the originality an authenticity of the cables, allowing us to demonstrate to our customers that we are selling good accessories.  

In conclusion, the iCopy 2.1 can be a very useful device for technicians and repair shops, that will help demonstrate the quality of their work, replacement parts and accessories, and as a consequence to generate more confidence in the customer.

If you want to learn more about this device and how can it help your shop, check the video below:

To buy the QianLi iCopy Plus 2.1, click on the following link and choose the product that you prefer: 


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